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  1. [ Event ] 1st #RETRO Sunday (9x EXP) Experience Boost (24 Hours) Sun 00:00:00 ~ Sun 11:59:59 PST Sun 16:00:00 ~ Mon 15:59:59 Sun 05:00:00 ~ Mon 04:59:59 EXP Boost Event Notice: Our 3x Regular Rate will be boosted up to 9x for the entire event period so invite your tropa! HE Manuals will be disabled during the event. Moment's at #RETRO: We really appreciated those who participated during CBT stages, many bugs has been fixed, some suggestion given already implemented, thank you for all of that. Have you got some beauti
  2. Option A: 1. Open dinput.ini using notepad and make sure WindowWidth and WindowHeight is equal to 0. 2. open Setup.exe 3. at the bottom left of the window make sure Engine: Registry is selected. If not, click and change from "Engine: LUA" to "Engine: Registry" it should show graphic device list and Resolutions. 4. select Graphic Device: 5. Select Resolution: 6. Click Apply and run the game. If window size did not change. You can override by opening again dinput.ini and force WindowWidth and WindowHeight to your desired resolution as shown below.
  3. Get a Limited Reward: 2x 24 Hours Premium Character (1 character only) - Active GREED Skill. Enables you to pick all loots 3x3 in the ground. - Access to extended hair style & colors. - No death penalty. How To Join: 1. Login to your Facebook account. 2. Create a Public post. 3. Copy message below and paste in your post: https://tinyurl.com/ybgroxvb Adventure Start on January 02 2021 5PM PST! US Time: January 02 (Sat) 5PM BR Time: January 02 (Sat) 10PM PH Time: January 03 (Sun) 9AM DE Time: January 03 (Sun) 2AM #RETRO
  4. @DoMal no, there will be no wipe after we launch Episode 1 on Jan 02.
  5. You may refer to our World Map for detailed info on available mobs. Episode 2: Lutie - 1/11/2021 Aldebaran, Glast Heim and Lutie will be added. Pet System will be added. Episode 3: Comodo - ** Current Episode ** 2/11/2021 Comodo and it's dungeon will be added. 1st Job Platinum Skill will be added. Cash Shop & Donation System will be added. Mission Board Update. Upcoming Updates: Episode 4: Turtle Island - 3/11/2021 Access to Geffen Filed 12, 13 and 14 will be added. Access to Guild Castles will be added.
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