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  1. Here are some trace result from your location to our server. We will make sure a better inter-network route for everyone. To verify just ping zone.play-retro.net Germany - 151ms Singapore - 174ms Philippines - 180ms Australia - 157ms France - 140ms Netherlands - 147ms United Kingdom - 134ms Brazil - 176ms Chile - 186ms
  2. You can start playing #RETRO Classic on US Time: January 02 (Sat) 5PM BR Time: January 02 (Sat) 10PM PH Time: January 03 (Sun) 9AM There will be NO WIPE during the beta period. New adventurer may start exploring limited city, fields and dungeon (Alberta, Payon, Prontera, Morocc, Geffen and Izlude ). For detailed information you may check the Episode 1: World Map. To participate on the close beta, you MUST pre-register ahead of time! Pre-Registration for close beta ends on December 31, 2020 12:00 PST. Succeeding registration after this period, players will not
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