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#RETRO Sunday! (9x EXP Boost)

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πŸ“’[ Event ] 1st #RETRO Sunday (9x EXP)
πŸŒ€Experience Boost (24 Hours)
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Sun 00:00:00 ~ Sun 11:59:59 PST
πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ Sun 16:00:00 ~ Mon 15:59:59
πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Sun 05:00:00 ~ Mon 04:59:59
πŸŒ€ EXP Boost Event Notice:
βœ… Our 3x Regular Rate will be boosted up to 9x for the entire event period so invite your tropa!
βœ… HE Manuals will be disabled during the event.
πŸŒ€ Moment's at #RETRO:
We really appreciated those who participated during CBT stages, many bugs has been fixed, some suggestion given already implemented, thank you for all of that. Have you got some beautiful moments with your friends? guildmates? or even happened to yours? SHARE WITH US!
βœ… Post your moments in your Timeline or Facebook Groups while playing at our server.
βœ… Make sure to include hashtag #RETRO, your IGN and server website https://play-retro.net in your post.
βœ… Send the link of your post to our Facebook Page for validation.
βœ… Your post can be anything, images, story, or short video.
βœ… At the end of Jan 31, 2021 your GM Team will select one(1) best entry for a special reward.
βœ… All participation will also received rewards via messenger reply.
πŸŒ€ Best Entry Reward:
βœ… 1200 Cash Points ( Keep in mind that Donation is currently not available until Episode 3: Comodo. Donation shop will update during that time.)
βœ… 2x Random Accessory [1]
βœ… 300x Light Blue Potion (event exclusive release)
βœ… 300x Light White Potion (event exclusive release)
πŸŒ€ Participation Rewards: (Given as we approve your entry via Facebook Messenger)
βœ… 300x Light Blue Potion (event exclusive release)
βœ… 300x Light White Potion (event exclusive release)
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